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Who are the Green Scorpions?  

South African's Environmental Management Inspectorate (EMIs) are known locally as the Green Scorpions. 

It is estimated that there are 1500 Green Scorpions (EMIs) in South Africa.

The Green Scorpions inspect all environmental crimes.  Among their ranks are experts in air pollution, waste, flora, fauna and invasive species. 

This is an official overview of the department...  

Green Scorpions

Business Insider SA (Nov 05, 2018)

By Sarah Wild

This (OR Tambo International Airport) is the only one of South Africa’s 72 entry points where environment officials check for alien creatures - and those that sneak through cost us billions

An opinion on the recently released:  National Strategy for Dealing with Biological Invasions in South Africa (Department of Environmental Affairs, 2014)