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South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) is tackling the critical challenge of natural resource management, environmental protection and infrastructure through Environmental Programmes (EP).  

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A small evergreen tree, growing 3-6m in height with branchlets covered in greyish or silvery-blue foliage. Leaves are 20-50mm long and are arranged around branchlets spirally.

Flowers which bloom in July to September, are bright yellow, globular shaped with showy sprays.  Fruits are greyish-brown pods, approximately 100mm in length.

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An evergreen tree growing 5-10m high, black wattle has dark olive-green finely hairy leaves. Pale yellow or cream spherical flowers in large fragrant sprays blooming from August to September. Fruits are dark brown, finely haired pods.

Black wattle has invaded grasslands, competing with and reducing indigenous species, and reducing grazing land for wild and domestic animals.

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Cascade wattle is a bushy shrub or small tree growing up to 6m high. It has narrow leaves 150mm long which tend to droop.

Bright yellow globular flowers appear from late winter to early summer and produce a spectacular display. Flattened pods 80mm long and 10mm wide contain a number of hard, black seeds.


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The fringed wattle is a small tree or shrub that grows up to 7m high. The leaves are undivided, very narrow with a prominent midvein, straight or slightly curved. The leaf margins and branchlets are usually fringed with hairs. It flowers during winter and spring, and pods mature during November-December .

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