German wasp | Vespula germanica

German wasp

Vespula germanica

Coral bush | Ardisia crenata

Coral bush

Ardisia crenata

Purple loosestrife | Lythrum salicaria

Purple loosestrife

Lythrum salicaria

Pom pom weed | Campuloclinium macrocephalum

Pom pom weed

Campuloclinium macrocephalum

Canarybird bush | Crotalaria agatiflora

Canarybird bush

Crotalaria agatiflora

Peanut butter cassia | Senna didymobotrya

Peanut butter cassia

Senna didymobotrya

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Environmental Programmes

In order to tackle our country’s socio-economic challenges, the government adopted the Outcomes based approach to improve government performance and providing focus on service delivery. find out more

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General News Updates

Symposium on biological invasions


The 43rd Annual Research Symposium on the Management of Biological Invasions in South Africa will be taking place at Goudini Spar near Worcester in the Western Cape, from 18-20 May, 2016.  A second c... Read more

Use the online tool to report invasive wasps


Residents in Cape Town are urged to use the online reporting tool for reporting sightings of invasive wasps as the primary reporting means. More than 2 000 people have accessed the City of Cape Town’s... Read more

Sign up for Invasive Species Training


The South African Green Industries Council (SAGIC) will host two training modules on specific aspects of invasive species. The training is specifically targeted at horticulturists, landscapers, lands... Read more

Trading of red-eared slider turtles is illega…


The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has noted media reports where it is alleged that some people are illegally selling red-eared slider turtles through the internet. The red-eared slider is... Read more

Working for Water celebrates 20 years!


The world-renowned Working for Water (WfW) Programme celebrates two decades of invasive species clearing and job creation since it’s inauguration on 16 October, 2015. This celebrated programme, which ... Read more

Celebrate National Invasive Species Week


South Africa celebrates National Invasive Species Week (10 - 17 October, 2015) this month. The celebration aims to raise awareness on the 559 plants and animals that needs to be regulated and controll... Read more